Flamjeaux Coffee Company

Small batch coffee roaster delivering big flavor in your cup☕️

Fresh roasted coffee will change your life

Each batch of Flamjeaux coffee begins with carefully selected green coffee beans and then manually roasted in small batches.

The end result is the freshest coffee on which you can spend your hard earned money.  

"I drink this coffee day and night.  It's intense, but not bitter, it's rich and smooth with a ton of flavor on the back end.  It's robust yet smooth flavor that doesn't get lost in your mouth.  All the notes come through in harmony."   Gene Nipper, Mandeville

 Why, thank you Gene!  We love your description of our coffee and are happy you are enjoying it all day long!

"Love that you bring us these exotic coffees.  Thanks so much for all you do!"  Tara Thomas, Covington

Thank you Tara for your kind words and your loyalty.    

Beans are our business

Margot Brignac


As a twenty years plus veteran of the Foodservice industry, I decided it was time to go out on my own.  Coffee has always been woven into my work experience and my curiosity and thirst for more coffee knowledge led me to roasting.  I have no regrets!

Our Partners in Coffee

Mandeville Community Trailhead Market in Mandeville every Saturday 9am - 1pm

Sacred Earth Wellness Boutique -  Mandeville 

The Book & The Bean - Old Mandeville 

Leonardo's Trattoria - Mandeville

Field Church - Old Mandeville

MarVilla Guest House - Old Mandeville

De la Bleu Bed & Breakfast - Old Mandeville 

Lafitte Restaurant & Courtyard - Old Mandeville 

Barley Oak - Old Mandeville

Doerr Furniture - Covington 

Tessier Gourmet Merchantile - Covington 

Savage Skillet - Bay Saint Louis

Leopold’s Ice Cream - Savannah, Georgia